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2022 Garden Festival details

We did it - even with the rain - and thanks to all our wonderful guests who got out the umbrellas and raincoats and enjoyed the gardens. 

We will update you on our funds raised as soon as the information is available.

Covid and Natural Disasters policy

Rotary Cambridge Garden Festival 2022

As we are no longer in the traffic light system, we are confident that the 2022 Rotary Cambridge Garden Festival will go ahead.

However, we have made one change to our ticket purchase process.  When you purchase your tickets online, you will be able to advise us whether you wish to donate your ticket purchase funds to the charities or apply for a refund if the event is again cancelled because of Covid or a natural disaster.

Passion for Art

Follow the Passion for Art Trail while visiting our beautiful gardens.

The Passion for Art Trail is held on both Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November.

Rotary Club of Cambridge

The Cambridge Garden Festival is proudly brought to you by the Rotary Club of Cambridge.

Rotary Cambridge Garden Festival Sponsors

Tips & Tricks for your day at the Cambridge Garden Festival

Your first garden Your ticket has a Garden for you to start at.  We would appreciate it if you could aim to start at that garden, so that not everyone arrives at the same garden at the same time. Read more

Garden Ten - 32a Shelley Street- Large Residential Surprise, Katherine Tozer and Peter Tribe

They brought home the wild bush they love – introducing wax eye, fantails and moreporks. Arrive at wooden gate of this delightful garden and one wants to tip toe so as not to disturb the birds,Read more

Garden Nine - 114 Amelia Place - An impressive big garden with her own stunning artwork, Shirley & Mike Peterson

We visited Shirley and Mike Peterson’s garden on the edge of urban Leamington on a cool winter’s morning.  Shirley welcomed us incredibly warmly and we were straight into viewing this impressiveRead more

Garden Eight - 15 Cowley Drive, An Oasis of Tranquility and Colour - Eric and Jan Todd

Enter the garden under weeping pears and be drawn through a formal arbour to the heart of the garden, with Buxus hedging, elegant roses and grapevines cleverly looped to aged trellis. Admire the robRead more

Garden Seven - 11 Shaw Street, Leamington - A Captivating Established Garden, Ken & Sue Ludbrook

My first impression of the Ludbrook garden is set by the large, established trees at the front of the property, many planted over 30 years ago.  Ken and Sue are the original owners of this propertyRead more

Garden Six - 8 Shaw Street, Sun Filled Garden Lot - Lyndsay and Ted Mason

Birdsong (waxeye, tui, fantail); perfume (roses, Lily of the Valley) colours (soft pinks to vibrant purples) will greet you in November at Lyndsay and Ted Mason’s. Their large and well establishedRead more

Garden Five, 33 William Paul Street - Size Doesn't Matter, Joy & Des Bell

Joy and Des Bell’s garden in Norfolk Downs is another model of what you can do in a small town property.  This is a great example where people can see a garden that is just being established.   Read more

Garden Four, 40 Terry Came Drive - With Nature in Mind, Eunice & Peter Martin

Eunice and Peter Martin have lived in Terry Came Drive for 3 ½ years after moving from the country back into Cambridge. They originally lived out at French Pass in a property that was converted fromRead more

Garden Three - 105 French Pass Road - A Riot of Colour, Anne & Steve Spelchan

Anne and Steve Spelchan’s country garden in French Pass Road is a garden that grows (no pun intended).  And grow it has.  Every time Anne visits a garden centre she brings a plant home, she hasRead more

Garden Two, 2/182 French Pass Road - Designer Inspiration, Juliet and Sean Coleman

Juliet Coleman’s garden in French Pass Road is such a contrast to the two small town gardens I had visited recently.  In two words, huge, impressive. Ailsa and I were met by Juliet and her gorgeoRead more

Garden One, 97 Wells Place, RD1 - Crowd Pleaser, Jan & Bill Mathers

Mass plantings of Hydrangeas, wandering paths through trees, shrubs, and garden art. This country garden is not to be missed. Lots of ideas and plants to buy.  All the garden photos in this newsleRead more

26 Queen Street, photos

Read more

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