Tips & Tricks for your day at the Cambridge Garden Festival


Google Maps is a wonderful invention, but sometimes it gets a bit confused about where properties actually are.  

Garden One - 97 Wells Place is actually at a different location on Wells Place.  See the map with the arrow above, and we will have signs out to help you find the accurate location.

On the other hand - we have some human error too!  We accidentally put the incorrect address on the Lilies by Blewden location on the map.  If you have purchased tickets, you will have a ticket with the accurate address - but if you wanted to check them out (and aren't doing a tour), the correct address is 54 Pukerimu Lane, Kaipaki.  And of course, they are number 11 on the map (even though we have marked it as number 12). Apologies for any inconvenience

How to get the best out of your day at the Cambridge Garden Festival

Your first garden

Your ticket has a Garden for you to start at.  We would appreciate it if you could aim to start at that garden, so that not everyone arrives at the same garden at the same time.  Then plan your day using the map, from that starting garden.

Most of the garden owners will be at their gardens when you visit.  Please feel free to ask them questions as they are keen to share what they have discovered and know.  Visiting gardens and talking to people is the best way to learn!


The public toilets are marked on the map.  You can see them with the blue toilet symbol.  Garden 10 has an outdoor toilet that you can use if you need to - please ask permission.  Unfortunately, there is no longer a toilet available at garden one.

Coffee and Food

You can pre-purchase a yummy picnic lunch, and pick it up on your travels, from Suburban Kitchen on Robinson Street.  There are two lunches, one with ham sandwiches and the other with chicken sandwiches.  To buy them, click here and put in your order.  Orders will close at 5pm on Friday 16th November.

Suburban Kitchen in Robinson Street, and Podium Cafe at the Mighty River Karapiro Domain are great places to visit for a coffee, and they are sponsors of the Cambridge Garden Festival.

There are other cafes around Cambridge - in the town centre, and also at the St Kilda centre.

If the weather is nice (which we are all hoping for), Gardens One and Ten are large gardens where the garden owners are happy for you to eat your picnic lunch - bring a rug or some chairs.

Special deals - just produce your cardboard ticket or wristband

Don't forget that Amber Garden Centre has a 15% discount off all full priced items from 18/11/2018 - 30/11/2018 .

Cambridge Jewellers  also have a 15% discount for in store products and this is valid until 30/11/2018 as well.

Buy plants directly from the gardeners

Some of our gardeners have potted up some plants that you can buy as you visit gardens.  Make sure that you bring some coins and cash - as they will not have eftpos available.

Ticket Terms and Conditions

Please remember that these are private gardens and private property.  As a result, we have terms and conditions on both your map and cardboard ticket (and on the website.)  Please respect these terms and conditions.  Our Garden Welcomers have been requested to alert you to any behaviour that doesn't meet these terms and conditions, and they have the ability to ask people to leave the garden if the rules aren't being fulfilled.  Thank you.

Health & Safety & Parking

Please park and approach and leave the gardens with other peoples safety in mind.

Each garden has a Health & Safety notice as you arrive, please note any hazards.  If an incident occurs, please let the Garden Welcomers know and they will assist you as much as possible.

Have a wonderful time, and thank you for joining us at the 2018 Cambridge Garden Festival.


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