Final showing (possibly) of this lovely garden

Final showing - 3 Boulton Place, Norfolk Downs, Cambridge

When Joy and Des Bell purchased their house and property in Norfolk Downs 8 years ago there was a minimalistic garden with Laurel trees at the front and 18 olive trees around the perimeter. Having moved from 15 years on a 10 acre block with a 2 acre garden then to a to a 1 ½ acre garden and then to this ¼ acre town section, it was quite a change for these avid gardeners.

Joy started with a green and white theme but soon missed the colour of her old gardens.

In conjunction with daughter Wendy’s input, Joy and Des have used their artistic talents to develop a very colourful creative space with lots of pizzazz and formal plantings. Changes have been made recently to make the garden easier to look after and all but 2 of the formal topiaried olive trees and much of the trimmed hedging has been removed.

The garden is very bright and Joy loves the formal structured feel where plants have space to be enjoyed.

This garden has been opened to the public in the past, but this may be the last time that Joy & Des will have it it open.  Make sure that you visit it this year at the Cambridge Garden Festival.  Buy your tickets at www.cgf.nz or Amber Garden Centre or Cambridge Jewellers.

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