Garden Transformation

Rust rules

Shirley is the owner of this garden which illustrates the dangers of being in real estate.  Through her work she sees a number of homes and gardens, and from time to time, Shirley discovers a property that she can transform.

When she purchased this1960's cottage 2 years ago, it was a blank canvas and had a garden that was sparse and unloved.  The gardens were bare, there were 2 cherry trees and a rotten back fence.  The weeping cherry died, so an artistic twist has been designed leaving a reminder to its past beauty.

The first step in the rejuvenation of the property was a year long house renovation, and this spring has been the turn of the garden.

With the assistance of Lee Barton (Landscaper) and Amber Garden Centre (plants), this garden transformation is a testament to what can be done with careful planting, garden art and strategic pathing and building.

Come and visit and see for yourself at 12 Williams Street, Cambridge.

For photos of the before and now (still a work in progress) click here.


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