Buy online or in person

You are able to buy tickets for the Cambridge Garden Festival below or in person at Cambridge Jewellers or Amber Garden Centre.

Tickets purchased from the website are posted out to you.  Because NZ Post have a 3 working day turnaround, any tickets purchased from Tuesday 13th November, will be left at the Cambridge i-site on Queen Street for you to pick up.

Tickets are not sold online after 5pm on Saturday 17th November.

Tickets can be purchased on Sunday 18th November at Amber Garden Centre or Cambridge i-site.

When you purchase tickets, you will receive 1. A ticket (this is numbered and is your proof of purchase, and tells you which garden to start at) and 2. A map (this gives you information on the gardens to visit, our sponsors and charities).  You will require both documents for your visit.  

Please present the numbered ticket at the first garden, and you will receive a wristband to wear for the day.  This wristband will provide you with entry to all of the gardens on the day.  The map will show you where to go, and other useful information.


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