2018 Gardens to Visit - Festival now finished - 2019 date Sunday 24th November 2018

There are ten beautiful gardens available to visit as part of the 2018 Cambridge Garden Festival. Each one can be found of the map supplied when you purchase your tickets and can be visited at your leisure.

The ticket that you receive, with your map will tell you which garden to start at. 

At your first garden you will be issued with a wristband which will be required for entry at all other gardens. 

There may be an opportunity to meet the owners and creators of each garden and find out more about their design history and inspiration.

3 Boulton Place, Norfolk Downs

Artwork brings structure and form to this artistically designed garden. From road frontage to rear garden the mature plantings and hedging of topiary is often admired from the street. You will love its artist flare at every corner and space around their home leaving you in a happy space and with lots of garden ideas.

7 Cotter Place, 'Twin Oaks'

A colourful display of roses and flowering perennials grow around the boundaries and fringe the house. Collections of pots and art pieces form interest points in this varied garden. A nice contract to clipped hedges and more formal design. An ever changing colour palate throughout the seasons.

20 Baxter Michael Crescent, St Kilda

Creative spaces curve around the driveway, patios and road frontage. The block planted single species give maximum show all year round, a perfect display of texture and colour. The gardens compliment the Wetland Reserve in the St Kilda subdivision. A new garden well established in a short time frame.

21 Baxter Michael Crescent, St Kilda

Clipped hedges surround the garden spaces, topiary trees and star jasmine fill the spaces around the home. Sculptures and large wire balls add structural shapes to contrast the greenery. Raised gardens feed the family with vegetables and herbs. A new home with established gardens.

26 Ihimaera Terrace, 'River Gardens'

Modern and structured planting surround this modern home overlooking the valley to Cambridge. The planted terraced bank provides ground cover and stability. Lots of different shapes from plants and trees makes this garden interesting while providing practical options for sloping sections.

26 Queen Street

Peeping down the driveway this beautiful garden of shrubs and specimen trees surround this pretty character home. Hidden behind the front fence and trees there is restful spaces amongst dahlias and plants from yesteryear. Enjoy the enchanted garden.

28 Goldsmith Street

A large town garden featuring natural branch structures and form framing colourful gardens with irises, perennials, pots and topiary. A delight to wonder through the pathways featuring interesting textures throughout this wonderful garden.

97 Wells Place, RD1

Jan and Bill have developed this country garden known for its 150 varieties of Hydrangeas while they have created a wonderful array of outdoor spaces with wondering pathways past arbours, obelisks and colourful pots. A delight at every turn, a paradise for birds and garden lovers alike. A place to refresh your spirit and calm your mind.

1012 Kaipaki Road, Kaipaki

Moving to Cambridge from the Tairua coastline provided different challenges for these enthusiastic gardeners. Sweeping lawns are enhanced by wide sculptured boarder gardens with colourful mass plantings under mature trees. Each season brings different colour palates while numerous raised vege garden beds feed family, friends and lucky hens. Take your time exploring this wonderful garden, there’s lots to see.

12 Williams Street, Cambridge East

Gardens, Terrace Pots, Garden Art. Shirley moved in two years ago and the 1960’s make over began. 

The garden was two trees and a few sticks, so mature hedging and magnolias were planted. This winter the borders were added leaving plenty of room for children to play. 

Terms and Conditions

1. Tickets are non-refundable, but are transferable prior to the day.

2. You must bring your card ticket to the first garden, where you will be given a wristband to wear. You will need to show this wristband to gain entry to any other garden.

3. When you put on your wristband, it will not be able to be transferred.

4. The Cambridge Garden Festival will be on Sunday 18th November 2018 from 9am to 4.30pm, wet
or fine. 

5. Please take note of the Health and Safety notices at each property.

6. The Rotary Club of Cambridge has no liability for any injury or damage incurred to you or your property when you are visiting the properties. 

7. Please respect the privacy of the property owners, their homes are not open for viewing.

8. Please ensure that you park politely, so that other traffic can comfortably get past you, and that you are not blocking any driveways or streets.

9. All properties are non-smoking and no pets are allowed.

10. Please wear flat shoes in the gardens.

11. Please keep to the paths and take care to avoid trampling on any foliage.

12. Do not pick any plant or remove any part of any plant. If you would like to know what the
identity of the plant is, please take the person to the plant, not the plant to the person. 


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