Garden Four, 40 Terry Came Drive - With Nature in Mind, Eunice & Peter Martin

Eunice and Peter Martin have lived in Terry Came Drive for 3 ½ years after moving from the country back into Cambridge. They originally lived out at French Pass in a property that was converted from an old sand quarry and was named ‘The Olive Grove’.

They were the first house built in Terry Came Drive so the section needed to be broken in and became a fresh canvas for Eunice and Peter.

In between moving from The Olive Grove to their new home they had a 5 month period renting in between so a lot of the plants that Eunice wanted to bring with her needed to be potted to survive the journey.

In the covenant of the new subdivision there was a requirement that all border fences needed to be painted black. Eunice had seen a theme in a garden book about ‘black fences’ so has adopted this theme in her garden focusing on Birds, Bees and Butterflies. Her love and talent for mosaics has also become a fabulous addition to this beautiful garden and many of these bright and colourful creations contrast wonderfully against the darkness of the fence.

In keeping with the birds, bees and butterflies theme, key plantings include Tree Lucerne for Wood Pigeons, Kowhai for Tui and Tree Daisies for Bees and Butterflies.

Colour also plays an important role in this garden, where with the inclusion of many flowers in their new garden Eunice and Peter have done an amazing job of creating a Town Garden in a small footprint and using every available space to make their new house a home.

The garden has evolved rather than following any specific plan as such and because the soil had a layer of clay just below the topsoil, the use of gypsum was needed to break down the clay to enable plants to grow.

Eunice and Peter are focused on sustainability and have a worm farm to provide a composting system providing the nutritional worm tea and work a compost bin to provide compost for the garden. Eunice also showed us her Leaf Cutter Beehive which attracts the bees to the garden.

Of course, any sustainable garden wouldn’t be complete without a vege patch. Eunice uses small raised beds as well as large pots to grow summer as well as winter vegetables.

There are no sleepers, concrete edges and the theme here is simple and easy care and soft on the eyes.

Eunice still belongs to local garden clubs and says she learns something new each time she goes along.

Eunice and Peter are excited to have their garden as part of the Rotary Garden Festival this year.

By David Partis


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