Garden Six - 8 Shaw Street, Sun Filled Garden Lot - Lyndsay and Ted Mason

Birdsong (waxeye, tui, fantail); perfume (roses, Lily of the Valley) colours (soft pinks to vibrant purples) will greet you in November at Lyndsay and Ted Mason’s. Their large and well established garden has lots of interesting and beautiful spaces.  Even on the wet and miserable day I visited, our spirits were lifted as we sipped a welcome cup of tea and viewed through the large windows the glorious expanse outside. You couldn’t help but imagine this garden’s beauty throughout the various seasons with its mixture of mature trees and newer plantings.

Lyndsay and Ted moved to 8 Shaw Street 7 years ago and developed the existing garden into one that they enjoy and that suits their lifestyle. In the warmer months, they love nothing better than an evening glass of wine on the deck area basking in the fruits of their labour, listening and watching the birdlife that abounds. Having a large garden is nothing new for them as their previous property was a dairy farm on the outskirts of Putaruru where they had an acre of garden.  Ted says when Lyndsay wanted more garden space he was asked to shift the fence further out into the adjacent cow paddock.  He jokingly said that this happened with frequency.

On moving to Cambridge and taking possession of the half acre Shaw Street property there was lots to do and they worked hard shifting out plants that had passed their “use by date” and introducing new varieties.

Of interest are the various themed spaces throughout – rose beds, areas dominated by large trees (some up to 8 metres) all generously underplanted, and a “Japanese” area. This last space, Lyndsay says, happened “by accident” with plantings such as the Maple and Nandina arranged around existing large rocks. In another area the roses are impressive in November and likewise throughout the year the Weeping Mulberry, Lily of the Valley tree and the “twin tower” camellias.

When you visit on the day of the Garden Festival, bring some spare cash as Lyndsay is supporting the “Days for Girls” project by selling potted plants.


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