Garden Seven - 11 Shaw Street, Leamington - A Captivating Established Garden, Ken & Sue Ludbrook

My first impression of the Ludbrook garden is set by the large, established trees at the front of the property, many planted over 30 years ago.  Ken and Sue are the original owners of this property which was one of the first developed in the area.  

Ken met me at the front of the house on a cool winter’s day, close to the shortest day.  Clearly this garden is going to look very different at the time of the festival.  

The front of the house will be very green in the spring.  There are some evergreens like a large Magnolia grandiflora, that was reputed to be a “smaller variety”, rhododendrons and camellias.  But there are also many deciduous trees including several Melia azedarach, liquidambar and gingko.  

There are tui's aplenty and a lorikeet on my visit.  Apparently, the possums love the trees too.

Down the side of the appealing house there is a fine paved path leading to the rear garden under a pergola that hosts a purple and a white wisteria.  The very attractive rear garden, hidden from the road, is well established too but with few large trees.  

It will be much sunnier than the shaded front area. There is a large silver birch but here you will see many maples, rhododendrons and roses.  Parts of the garden are neatly finished with a buxus hedge.  There are some newer trees – a gleditsia and a kowhai.

This place seems to be well set up for relaxation and enjoyment.  There is a beautiful pool, a cabana with an outdoor fireplace and lots of seating, and a magnificent tennis court.

By Don Wilson


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