2019 - Garden, refreshments and more - 21 Racecourse Road, Harriet Di Maio

2019 - Garden, refreshments and more - 21 Racecourse Road, Harriet Di Maio

A delight to visit this country garden set on 2 ½ acres on the outskirts of Cambridge.  After wandering the property Harriett and I sat down to chat in the large kitchen of the 1916 homestead which Harriett and her husband had had re-located in three pieces from Palmerston North.

American Maples make the driveway an impressive sight together with the two large willows that dominate the front lawn.  The road boundary of the property is lined with cherry trees accompanied by two avocado trees. The back orchard with its lemon, orange, mandarin and almond trees has a backdrop of liquid ambers which will be absolutely stunning in November.  Harriett has planted all the trees and shrubs (apart from the willows and hedges) since she and her husband took over the property a few years ago.

There will be a fete-like atmosphere on the day of the Garden Festival – bunting will be erected and the local Pony Club is planning to sell cupcakes as a fundraising exercise.  A caravan will be set up and people can explore the various outhouses – a barn which has been converted into a B & B, the stables, a Wendy House and the raised vegetable gardens. Wisteria covers the pergola located on one side of the house, with a second one off the kitchen covered in an ornamental grape vine – a stunning sight in November.

Visitors will enjoy watching the three ponies grazing lazily in the adjoining paddocks and rockinghorses (the family loves them) will be dotted around the garden and in the barn.

Rotary Cambridge is delighted to include this country garden in the Festival and you are sure to come away with lasting and lovely memories of your visit.


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