Fantastic Use of a Small Urban Space - in only 2 years! - 62 Thornton Road - Jeanette & Harold Lovegrove

Fantastic Use of a Small Urban Space - in only 2 years! - 62 Thornton Road

Jeanette and Harold Lovegrove have demonstrated so explicitly just what can be done with a small urban garden.  And they have done all of this in just over 2 years.  They had come from a huge garden in Tamahere.

Jeanette did the landscaping, getting lots of ideas from magazines like NZ House & Garden.  Initially the back of the property was empty, and they have established everything themselves. 

Jeanette has made lots of use of growing in pots.  She even has placed pots within gardens to give added height and the flexibility of moving the plants.  We saw a climbing rose in a pot and a row of large pots growing lettuces.

Along the back of the section there is a Griselinia hedge with standard Gardenias growing out of the top of the hedge.  The garden includes a miniature nectarine that makes a lovely ornamental tree.  It will grow just 1m wide.  The garden has an effective mix of vegetables and ornamentals.

They have raised gardens, one growing 4 varieties of blueberries that “gave them heaps” last year.

Once again, we saw a very well-manicured lawn.

Down the side of the house they have made great use of the space with espaliered trees.  There are a Louisa plum and a Black Doris plum and a couple of pears.  There’s a grape on the wall and another down the back.

Jeanette says she loves white in the garden and looking onto green.  She likes roses, particularly Iceberg because it is so disease-free.

At the front of the property they have standard Michelias, roses, hostas, hellebores and star jasmine.  There’s a standard bay leaf in a pot.

A challenge has been Buxus blight which causes browning of the leaves and fall, leaving bare patches.  They have changed to a hardier alternative.

I recommend you visit this garden to see what can be done in a relatively small space in such a short time.


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