Colourful, imaginative art and a garden transformation - 19 Queen Street - ARTIST - Carole Hughes



Carole Hughes Artist - and a transformed garden - 19 Queen St

Hidden away in the middle of this town block is a gem of a property.  Originally 0.3ha (3/4’s acre), Carole’s property included natives, roses, camellias, trees and a white garden.  In 2015 when Carole’s daughter and son in law purchased the section next door, the tennis court area was subdivided off to create their home and the garden underwent a refresh and transformation to suit the smaller section.

While there are still plenty of roses and camellias, the focus is on creating an easy care garden with a Mediterranean feel – with spiky plants, citrus and lots of art. 

Having colour in the garden is vital – with different colours each season, and reflects Carole’s passion for colour – which is reflected in her art.

Walking down the long drive, you can see the steep bank on your left, which is still in development mode, where plantings to ensure the stability of the bank mix with agapanthus, and a variety of other plants.  On the right are the cherry blossoms and camellias, with several kowhai and a pohutakawa tucked away to attract the tui’s.

The garden continues down the bottom of the drive, with the silver grove with olive’s and lavenders, the white rose growing across the fence and stunning burgundy yuccas by the front door. 

Walking through the carport to the garden you will see Carole’s art displayed, her imaginative, bold art, with thick strokes, inspired by her travels, and life events, provide a contrast of colour and a focus in any room of your home.

The art is displayed on the large deck surrounded by fragrant and lovely flowers and citrus.

As well as large and smaller canvases, Carole has made her art available in coasters, placemats, coffee table picture books and gift cards.  These will all be available for sale on Sunday 24th November at the Rotary Cambridge Garden Festival.

To see more about Caroles Art – check out her website at www.carolehughesart.co.nz.


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